• Instructor

    Maestro Pablo Estigarribia

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    For the first time in the US, Maestro Estigarribia is offering a hands-on 3-day workshop for pianists.


    It will consist in three encounters, 4 hours each.

  • Schedule



    Day 1:

    Summary on marcato, sincopa, ornamentation and phrasing.

    *students will get the chance to play what is being explained for deeper understanding.



    Day 2:

    Leading from the keyboard. In order to understand the conducting role of the piano in a tango ensemble, students will be paired up to perform 2-piano reductions of orchestral arrangements. Arrangements, appropriate for each student’s level, will be provided in advance.



    Day 3:

    Solo performance. Each student will receive a 30-minute master class-style coaching on a solo piece.

    *piece would be agreed upon in advance.

  • Time, Place and Cost

    The Workshop will take place on Memorial Day weekend, enrollment limited to six students


    Cost $250


    Tentative schedule:


    Saturday, May 25: 1pm-5pm

    Sunday, May 26: 5pm-9pm

    Monday, May 27: 2pm-6pm


    For more information about the workshop, including the possibility to audit, please email pablo.a.estigarribia@gmail.com


    Locations: TBA (San Francisco or close suburbs)